Scott Spencer



Robert DeKover

First Vice-President


Mike Owens

Second Vice President


Scott Adams



Don Buckley


Don migrated to Utah from his family home in New Jersey.  His comes from a family of police officers but knew that he would rather deal with contractors wielding hammers rather than criminals wielding guns.  Don is an Area Fire Marshal for Unified Fire Authority and has spent 24 glorious years in the fire service.  His favorite part about his job is teaching others how the fire code can keep them safe. Don’s favorite “hero moment” was when he was dressed as Santa (don’t ask) and was featured in national and international news evacuating people from the Aquarium in Draper during a roof fire. If you ask Don which teams he likes the best, you can rest assured that they will be from Philadelphia.  Don enjoys making people smile and if you need a pick-me-up, you could reach for a cup of coffee or you could hand Don a karaoke mike.  Don’t be surprised if you see him on the field before the game starts singing the National Anthem.  

Brad Larson

Past President

Hailing from Burley Idaho, Brad has been in the fire service since 1985.  Currently, he serves as Fire Marshal/Battalion Chief for Unified Fire Authority.  He has more certifications than anyone would care to count. Known to his best friends as “Bumper” or “Bad Brad,” Brad is a fun loving, family focused guy.  Despite the claims that each of his six children make that each is the favorite, Brad isn’t afraid to let them all know that to be the favorite, all they need to do is buy him lunch.  Truth be told, he likes his grandkids are giving the kids a run for their money. If you are lucky enough to catch Brad working in his wood shop you would probably hear ZZ Top or the Doobie Brothers cranking out of his old, dust covered “wireless.”  If he was feeling particularly nostalgic, you might even hear a story or two about the good old days when he was a hippie.